Performance Contract

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This contract represents an agreement between (Customer) and (Performer) in relation to (agreement), which will take place on (Date) at (Location). Both parties agree to the following terms:


The performer will serve as an independent contractor and will be contracted to perform at the event beginning at (Start time) and ending at (End time). The performer will start promptly at the time indicated and will not be required to perform beyond the specified end time.


The customer will pay an hourly fee of for a period of hours, totaling for the entire day’s performance. A deposit of 25% of this amount shall be presented to the Performer no more than five (5) business days prior to the event. The remaining amount shall be paid within one (1) day following completion of the event. The Performer will be expected to cover all travel or incidental expenses unless specifically outlined as part of an addendum to this contract.


Neither the Customer nor the Performer will be held liable for any unexpected cancellation stemming from destruction of the venue via fire, verified disability, acts by public authorities, or similar unforeseen circumstances prior to the date of the Event. Cancellation on the part of the Performer for any reason other than those stipulated above will leave the Performer fully responsible for losses or damages on the Customer’s part. The Customer must present a report of these damages in writing. Cancellation on the part of the Customer for any reason other than those stipulated above will still leave the Customer responsible for paying the full amount of compensation owed to the Performer.

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